Keeping Your PC Running Smoothly

It’s the holiday season again, and usually this time of year is often used for spending time at home. Typically a lot of time might be spent on the family computer, and with that extra time people will be tempted to give it an overhaul and clean it out. It’s true that the biggest reason that a computer will slow down is that it gets bloated with lots of files, extra software, and junk. Usually you’ll have some malware and adware thrown in depending on how well the PC owner knows how to use a computer.

Here are some tips on cleaning your PC and keeping it running smoothly:

Clean It Out: Cleaning out your computer basically consists of a few steps: uninstalling extra software, getting rid of junk files, clearing the registry, and clearing your PC of malware, spyware, and adware. A great way to do this in one go is to use a software program that has been designed with this in mind, and enables the user to do most of these things in one click. One such program is this tool called Malwarebytes. This program has a plethora of different options that can help you to easily and quickly clean out your PC in a matter of minutes, from the cluttered registry to the privacy files hidden in your PC, to malware programs. It’s easy enough to use for anyone.

Add More RAM: Another great way to soup up an older computer is to add more RAM. RAM is the measure of how much your computer can do at one time. RAM is cheap and easy to install, and it will make the biggest difference in terms of how well your computer runs, dollar for dollar.

Defrag Your Hard Drive: This is a great way to speed up your computer that not that many people seem to know about. Defragging your hard drive is a way of re-organizing the information stored on your hard drive. You see, your computer will store data on the hard drive where it can, meaning that parts of files could be scattered around the drive, and when you want to access that file the computer must collect the data. Defragging will literally “Defragment” the drive’s data and put it all back together for the most part, making your computer run at a faster clip.

Start A Backup Program: While this might not make your computer faster, nothing is more important to your computer or your data like a good backup program. There’s no telling when your hard drive could break, or when your laptop could be stolen. Even a rogue virus could potentially cost you a lot of data. Start a backup program now so that you won’t be caught with your pants down. You could use a program like Acronis, but you could also just use the included Windows backup tool that is included with the operating system.

With all these things your computer should be humming along like new!

Adding Sustainability To Your Life

People are becoming more and more aware of the fact that it’s very important to think locally when it comes to buying produce and supporting your local economy. People are also more aware of the global implications of mass produced food and the horrible impact that unsustainable farming and fishing has on our planet. There have been many documentaries, articles, and viral stories – especially with regards to Monsanto in recent months. Social media has been a major factor in the spread of information and the general surge of interest in local farming and sustainable agriculture.

So what are some ways that YOU can participate, and yet keep your costs down? As we all know, being more green can add up. But being green can also save you money if you make the right choices.

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are not only the source of the most fresh produce you can buy, but you’re also doing your part to support local farmers as well as organic foods and foods that are produced in more green and humane ways. I know that in San Diego there are a plethora of farmers markets on multiple days of the week. There are also local farm stands where I can buy local seasonal produce as well as organic protein such as free range chicken and eggs. Once you know where to find these things it’s only a matter of creating a routine so that you can take advantage. You don’t necessarily have to go cold turkey on your supermarket habit, but by taking small steps – say, buying tomatoes from the farm stand once a week – you’ll get used to it. And once you make it a habit you’ll find that it’s ultimately more rewarding and the food is much tastier and healthier!

Saving Energy At Home

Saving energy at home is a great way to not only save money, but also to help the environment. There are a few things you can do to save quite a bit of money and time over the course of a year.

Get a learning thermostat. These new technological wonders can regulate the temperature in your house and learn your habits. It will figure out your schedule and also whether or not you stay out late on Friday nights. If for any reason you’re going to be gone for an evening unexpectedly, you can use your smartphone to adjust the thermostat. Even these small things can add up over the course of a year.

Turn of your computer! I know so many people that leave their computer running 24/7. They mainly do this because their computer is slow, and it’s a hassle to turn it on and off because it takes so darn long. So use a software tool to clean up your PC from spyware, malware, extra files, and other junk. This can make it much more easy to turn off your computer when you don’t need it because you know it will be ready to go when you want to turn it on again!